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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Back again

Once again I am back where I started.  Stressed out, upset and angry.  I just wish my Friends would be respectful and really cared about how I like my life, but no, I still want out of this hole they call school but yet again, I want to stay and go to uni (university).  Anyway I was just thinking about why some girls get their prince and fairy tale ending and some girls end up alone with the troll that lives under a bridge.  (If you have any theories please leave a comment)!  Anyway I just think of random stuff.  Wouldn't it be great it guys just said how they feel about you.  I mean it would be so much easier to find someone who cares about you but then again they would also move on faster.  Sorry I forgot to post yesterday my computer was messed up from a black out.  That's it for today so stay posted and I will be blogging soon!



  1. Um.... I'm sorry for whatever i did?! :(
    I didn't even see you today....
    btw, its theories, not theoies :P

  2. You did nothing it was everyone...your cool